Eduardo Yagüe, Sweden

Country of production: Sweden
Language: Spanish
Title: La búsqueda
Filmmaker and editor: Eduardo Yagüe
Translator: Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton

“When I first read the poem, Search, I felt a little bit lost and confused. It seemed a long and chaotic poem that I didn’t know how to transform into a video. Chaucer suggested to me that I could chose some lines and/or words. I chose lines which brought to my mind some clear images. I wanted to make something dark and weird and I realized that being lost and confused is a good way to start a search, so I worked with my confusion. I decided to record all the video inside my home (except for the statue head sequence recorded in the garden of Stadhuset in Stockholm) and also, for the first time in five years, to act in it myself (previously doing this when I was recording my first videopoetry work Lucernario).

La búsqueda was not an easy video to work with, I tried to be ambiguous and my intention was to provoke an intriguing emotion in the viewer, that they be able to feel the same sensation I felt when I read the poem: being lost and looking for answers in an ultra technical world, answers to some big questions: faith, love, suffering, death. At the end, the poem (or the chosen words) meant this to me.

Music by Kosta T was a big helping for giving the images extra strength and the pictures by great Spanish painter Dino Valls create an strange world of confusion and solitude.”

Eduardo Yagüe

LA BÚSQUEDA (adapted by Eduardo Yagüe)
El amor construyó una ciudad
Un hombre puede ser devoto
Una caída es una caída
Siempre hay un muro
Espero una explicación
¿Cuándo abandonas la búsqueda?
Acepta tu ignorancia
Una manzana que nunca lavaste
Oscuridad inteligente
Forjaremos universos múltiples en nuestro sueño

The Search (Approximate English translation – by Sharon Larkin)
Love built a city
A man can be devoted
A fall is a fall
There is always a wall
I expect an explication
When do you abandon the search?
Accept your ignorance
An apple that you never washed
Intelligent obscurity/darkness
We will forge multiple universes in our dream